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The aim was to make India a global manufacturing hub. The initiative directly affected the lubricant market, as after years of stagnant growth; the industrial lubricant market finally gained a strong foothold in the manufacturing industry. As one of the top lubricant manufacturers in India since 2019, we noticed a paradigm shift in the mindset of the manufacturing companies. From a reactive approach to maintaining the machines after their breakdown, the manufacturing companies have started to proactively approach us for our flagship Complete Lubrication Management Programme to preserve the health of their machines.


They have started understanding the significance of the role played by lubricant manufacturers in their business growth and are increasingly displaying their trust in us. They understand that the only way to have a competitive edge over others is by taking pre-emptive measures to ensure that the machines are well maintained and not impacted by unplanned downtime. The industrial lubrication manufacturers understand this well and have since then worked in collaboration with the manufacturing companies to help them maintain their machines. Today, the Indian lubricant industry ranks third in the global lubricant market – just behind the US and China, and it is poised to grow by 4-5% annually. As the industrial lubricant industry accounts for 54% of the total lubricant market, TRUST-LUBE. takes pride in helping manufacturing companies script their success story.

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